Happy New Year! A New Blog, a New Beginning!

Let me first say, Happy New Year! It is the first day of 2020, and I want to use this day to launch this blog to celebrate all things literary.

Mondays will be for Musings. I will be posing questions and attempting to answer them about what literature can teach us.

Tuesdays will be about Teaching. I will offer thoughts, lessons learned, observations, and discussions about teaching and learning both from experience and researching.

Wednesdays will be about Writing. I am a writer of Fantasy, and I can use this space to share what I am learning from other writers in real life and to review writing books.

Thursdays are Theatrical. I will review or link to reviews on movies and anime to explore the storytelling in these more visual forms. I love getting inspiration from how a director or animator captures a scene with both setting and the body language of characters.

And Fridays are for Friends. When I can, I want to use this space to record interviews from creators, consumers, and promoters of the literary world. Whether we learn something new or I can let readers meet someone new, it is all good.

So, for all those who choose to read this blog and share this literary journey with me, I thank you. Let’s all have a wonderful 2020!

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